Android pisses all over Apple — in Google Maps


Google hides lots of Easter eggs in its products and services. Usually fun little extras designed to amuse. However, the latest one discovered in Google Maps is of questionable taste.

Tucked away in Pakistan, close to the New Islamabad International Airport, is a cartoon image of Google’s Android urinating on an Apple logo. Nice.


Quite how the imagery arrived there isn’t currently known. We’ve asked Google for a comment, and will update the story when we get it.

To see this little addition to the map, fire up Google Maps in the standard view and head to these coordinates.

Google will probably remove the imagery from the map shortly, so if it’s not there when you go to take a look, enjoy the screenshot above.

Is it a cutting social commentary on how well Android is doing compared to iOS, or just a piece of immature mischief? Either way it’s fun diversion for a Friday. Enjoy.

via Android pisses all over Apple — in Google Maps.

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