Fix for Outlook for OS X Spotlight Problem


Outlook for OS X has come a long way; it still feels a bit different but it works fine with the recent updates.

I had a problem after updating the Office 365 suite for OS X; in Outlook, the search function started not returning any results and my tasks went missing.


If you have a similar problem, do the following to restore your search functionality back to Outlook for OS X.

  1. Launch Terminal.
  2. Enter the following commands:
    • sudo mdutil -i off /
    • sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight*
    • sudo rm -rf /.metadata_never_index
  3. Reboot your MAC.
  4. Enter the following commands:
    • sudo mdutil -i on /
    • sudo mdutil -E -a -i on
  5. Launch Outlook and wait 10-15 minutes, your search results should be back.

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