As a person coming from the Windows world, my mind is hard wired to the idea that in OS X Finder, folders should be grouped on top alphabetically then files should follow. Although this may not seem to be a problem for Mac people, converts from the Windows world have problems with the way finder works by default.

Follow the instructions to enable Finder to sort folders before files.

1. Download TextMate by clicking on the link below.

TextMate — The Missing Editor for Mac OS X

2. Open the below mentioned file via TextMate.

(change English.lproj to your language if necessary)














3. Find (inside the file)

/* General kind strings */
“Folder” = “Folder”;

4. change it to

“Folder” = “~Folder”;


5. Save the file

(this will ask for your credentials)


6. Restart OS X

7. Open Finder and order by kind

voila, finder acts like it should 🙂


8. Add a comment below, to help others. I wrote this a while back on another blog that belonged to me, so I carried over the comments from there to help you get started. I would like to know if this still works in the newer versions of OS X.

9. Good Luck