When in Istanbul, Uber lets you hail a boat – UberBOAT


UberBOAT-IstanbulUber is planning to add boats to its growing list of travel services, which now include all variety of cars alongside a growing delivery service for merchants and food.

Named UberBOAT, the service will be available first in Istanbul, Turkey. The city is famous for the Bosphorus, the connection between Asia and Europe, split by a strait.


Uber is partnering with luxury sea transport company Navette to kickstart the travel option, but has plans to add other companies and destinations in the near future. Venice is probably the most alluring city.

The Uber app uses geo-location to understand if the user is near the seaside, and will show the UberBOAT if there is one nearby. The captain of the boat will call to confirm the ride, and arrive at a designated location.

It offers a traffic free route for those wanting to travel up or down the Bosphorus, especially enticing for tourists. There are only five routes available at the moment, stretching across the Bosphorus.

Prices are quite expensive, £150 for a 35 minute trip from Kabataş to Ataköy, the longest trip. Shorter trips across the Bosphorus are available for under £20, for those wanting to cross the strait without going over the Bosphorus bridge.Uber has not announced plans for any further expansion outside of Istanbul.

Source: When in Istanbul, Uber lets you hail a boat

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