Windows 10 RTMAs you may recall, WZor reported earlier that the RTM sign off would be on July 9 however it seems it took Microsoft a few more days to finalise the Windows 10 RTM version.

Microsoft has now reached the Windows 10 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) milestone and is signing off the build internally today (July 15, 2015).

RTM Build Number : 10.0.10240.16384
RTM Release to Partners : July 15, 2015
Windows Insider Roll-out: : July 29, 2015
Retail Sale : July 31, 2015 
Official Download Link : Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File)

So now that you know the build number, you know what to look for.

Do not begin downloading fake or custom made ISO’s yet, the leak has not happened as of this writing.

I will try to keep this page up to date as we learn more. Good luck…

Update 1: July 15, 2015

The only RTM leak is the zh-CN x64 version, so English speaking guys, you will have to wait a bit more.

Update 2: July 17, 2015

Now it seems people have began to create ISO images from the official ESD files downloaded through Windows Update, which seem to be valid sources. Both x64 and x86 versions are available from the Enterprise Edition. These are still not official ISO’s by Microsoft but they seem to work. I would still wait for the real and confirmed ISO images before installing these.

Update 3: July 25, 2015

We have been waiting for a long time now and no official leak has occurred yet. There are versions out there made out of ESD files but no one can be sure about their validity. We will probably end up waiting for the 29th for the official release. Congrats goes to Microsoft, for not letting this one leak.

Update 4: July 27, 2015

WZor just leaked new information. It seems an original (MS, not home made) OEM version is now available, however this is the Ukrainian version. Both x86 and x64 versions are now available if you look hard enough. Here are the details of the x64 leak.

Windows 10 RTM Build Number : 10.0.10240.16384.150709-1700
Size : 3,981,584,384 bytes
CRC : E300B347

Update 5: July 29, 2015

It is officially available now, use this link to download the official ISO by Microsoft.

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