Windows 10 Slow Boot Time with ATI Radeon Crossfire Setup Fix


I have upgraded to Windows 10, could not wait any longer. My boot and shutdown times went up at least x3 times. I have checked everything that might give me trouble, but no luck. I always ended up waiting a long time until the login screen showed up; and here is the solution for the slow boot issue I am facing.

To my surprise, this was related to my video setup, dual ATI Radeons in a CrossFire configuration. Here is how to fix the slow boot and shutdown procedure of Windows 10 if you have a similar setup.

Windows 10 Slow Boot Fix – Mini Guide

1. Download and install the latest ATI Radeon Driver.


Windows 10 Slow Boot Fix for ATI Radeon Crossfire Setup

2. Restart your computer.

3. When Windows 10 boots, run REGEDIT (with administrative privileges)

4. Ctrl+F (Find) the following registry entry : EnableUlps

Windows 10 Slow Boot Fix for ATI Radeon Crossfire Setup - regedit-1

5. When it finds the entry, double click on the key and change the value to 0. It may find more than one, so each time you find a key with the value EnableUlps=1 change them to EnableUlps=0 . Continue until Regedit cannot find any more keys (Press F3, until no more keys are found).

Windows 10 Slow Boot Fix for ATI Radeon Crossfire Setup - regedit-2

6. Restart your computer, it should boot way faster.

7. Please use the comments section to share your experience with others.

Good Luck 🙂

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